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Privacy Policy

The Internet is a big place, and not always a kind one. Game7Dads wants to create a welcoming environment to anyone who wants information about being a better father. We also want that environment to be safe for anyone who participates. Following are a few policies that we will implement in order to do that. (Note: this list is by no means exhaustive and is subject to change.)

1) Copies of blog text or other outside references are used with the author’s permission. Links to outside sources are posted at Game7Dads’ discretion.
2) When stories and interviews are used that reference the author’s children or any minor, we do not use that child’s actual given name. In such cases, our policy is to use the child’s first initial, or other mode of reference approved by the author.
3) Game7Dads reserves the right to edit or delete any content, including posts or comments, in order to comply with our privacy policy.